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Reptile and Amphibian Supplies

Reptile supplies are everywhere, but choosing which supplies are best is an exercise in time, money, and patience. Based on over two decades of success working with lizards, snakes, frogs, toads, turtles, tortoises, newts and salamanders, I've put together a list of the absolute best, must have pet reptile supplies available online.

Online Live Reptile and Amphibian Supplier

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Reptile temp gun

Reptile Temp Gun 

This is an absolutely invaluable tool for anyone keeping snakes or lizards. You need to own a temp gun. Period. This particular temp gun is made specifically for reptiles, and is used to measure the surface temperature of basking spots (this includes heat mat surfaces for snakes). Most lizard and snake hobbyists provide temperatures that are far too low. This temp gun allows you to dial-in your temperatures with 100% accuracy.

The range is -27F to +428F (it can be switched to Celcius), including maximum, minimum, and lock modes. Includes battery and wrist strap.

Lizard temp gun


PETCO Thermometer Humidity Gauge Combo Pack ()

Reptile Thermometer and Hygrometer Combo

Perhaps the most overlooked requirement of reptile husbandry is the monitoring of temperature and humidity. Did you know that low humidity is a major cause of kidney failure in reptiles? Most hobbyists keep their humidity levels far too low. This leads to the slow and eventual death of your lizard, snake, or turtle.

This thermometer and hygrometer simply attach to the side wall of your reptile terrarium for easy calibration of temperature and humidity levels. Reptiles should be kept in the 50% to 70% humidity range.

Reptile supplies online


Rep-Cal Reptile Calcium Powder with D3 (4.1 oz.)

Rep-Cal Calcium with Vitamin D3  

Rep-Cal calcium with vitamin D3 is a really, really important reptile supplement that you should be using. This is my preferred brand, as I've had excellent success using it. This supplement aids reptiles in the absorption of calcium. It's important in preventing MBD.

It's phosphorus-free, ultrafine (it will stick to your feeder insects), and 100% natural.

Reptile supplements


Reptile vitamins online

Rep-Cal Herptivite Reptile Vitamin Supplement

Rep-Cal Herptivite is my personal favorite reptile vitamin supplement, and again, this is based upon decades of success. This multi-vitamin, multi-mineral, and amino acid food supplement is the product of years of research into the nutritional requirements of both reptiles and amphibians.

Formulated with a base of sea vegetation (rather than the non-nutritional bases of most reptile supplements), it is
rich in trace elements. The precise balance of vitamins and minerals will help your reptile or amphibian grow and breed more prolifically.

This is the first reptile and amphibian supplement that does not contain Vitamin A, but instead, Beta Carotene which is an anti-oxidant that is converted into Vitamin A. This means no threat of Vitamin A toxicity.

Snake supplements


Zilla Under Tank Reptile Heater (Small; 6

Under Tank Reptile Heat Mat

Whether you're keeping lizards, snakes, or tropical amphibians, an under tank heat mat should be a requirement, yet so few people actually utilize them. Reptiles absorb heat from their surroundings to aid in digestion, as well as to maintain their health, and they don't always like to use basking sites. If you turn the lights out at night, you need to allow them to warm themselves somehow. This is a common oversight to which many reptile keepers succumb.

Attach your heat mat to the bottom of your tank with the sticky side of the mat, and your reptiles and amphibians will seek it out. At just 8 watts, it's an extraordinarily inexpensive way to provide your animals with much needed heat.

Reptile heat mat


Natural Cork Bark - Medium - Flat - Approximately 9 to 14 in. L x 5 to 8 in. W

Cork Bark Reptile Shelter 

Natural cork bark pieces make the absolute best reptile and amphibian hide spots. Bar none. Not only are they light, but they lie flat on the substrate, thus providing what reptiles and amphibians naturally seektight hiding quarters. It's really, really important for their feeling of security, and actually makes lizards easier to tame. Giving them airy caves or artificial hide spots is not serving their needs correctly.

A few other bonuses of cork bark include the fact that they look
great in the terrarium, they are inexpensive, they don't rot, no two pieces are the same, and you can attach live plants to them. These cork flats also float, making them perfect for newt, frog, mudskipper, and smaller turtle aquariums. I put several cork pieces in each terrarium or cage, which provides my reptiles and amphibians with choices on where to find shelter. Don't force them to use just one hide spot. Cork hides are just plain invaluable.

Cork bark hide spot


Coconut Husk Brick - Premium Reptile Bedding

Zilla Coconut Husk for Reptiles

Coco fiber is just fantastic stuff. These compressed bricks are made from 100% organic coconut fiber, which is highly absorbent and helps maintain terrarium humidity at optimum levels. It also makes an attractive reptile substrate. When you add water, each brick will expand to many times (10x) its original size. Some reptile breeders even use it as incubation substrate. In other words, it's extremely versatile.

Coconut husk is not only perfect for amphibians such as frogs, salamanders, and terrestrial newts, but also for tropical lizards and snakes. Believe it or not, it's also
perfect for making a substrate mixture for lizards and snakes. Use a ratio of 3:1, sand to coco fiber. Make sure it's natural sand, not manufactured. The coco husk provides a way for the substrate mixture to hold some humidity, which is difficult when you're just using sand.

Reptile substrate


Exo Terra Incubator Unit - 13 in. x 16 in. x 19 in.

Exo-Terra Reptile Incubator

Most reptile enthusiasts eventually want to try their hand at breeding their lizards, snakes, turtles, or tortoises. If you are up to the challenge, make sure you've got an incubator ready before you get eggs.

This reptile egg incubator heats to 140F degrees, and cools to 36F degrees. So, you can easily set an incubation temperature, and it will automatically maintain it. It's got an LED display, and digital controls. A clear glass door means you can monitor the health of your reptile eggs as they progress. It's also got four slide-out shelves, a condensation tray, and carrying handle.

The incubator dimensions are 13" x 12" x 19", so it's got some room for several clutches of reptile eggs. It's easy to use, and maintains temperatures flawlessly.

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Snake hook

Snake Hook

This is the most widely used snake hook on Earth. Literally. Made from aircraft-grade aluminum, these last forever. They are equally great for home use, or for field herping. The steel shaft is just slightly flexible, and measures 40" in length.

If you've got snakes, whether Ball pythons or Corn snakes, you
need a snake hook. It makes managing and maneuvering snakes easy, while never injuring the reptiles. The hook is 3.5" wide, making it useful for many different sized snakes, from small to large.

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The above reptile supplies are the products I truly recommend based upon decades of experience. If you decide to purchase any of them, please use the links above, as they help support the website. If you do, I really appreciate it. But, what's most important is that I get the information out there. Thanks so much for visiting my reptile website.